Northam Boulevard, Avon Valley


A Muffin Break business opportunity is available in Northam, WA. Located in the beautiful Avon Valley about 97km north-east of Perth, this is a new store in the extension of the shopping centre – opening in November 2017.

  • Café Format Inline, 110 sqm plus 20 sqm al fresco
  • Location Located at the entry of Woolworths and Target
  • Anchor Stores Woolworths, Target

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Northam is a small town in the Avon Valley, approximately 97km north-east of Perth. It is the largest town in the valley and a major shopping estination for the surrounding areas. It has a multi-cultural population due to many migrants settling in the region post World War Two. It njoys a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters.

Northam Boulevard offers convenient shopping, with the major local supermarket and a Target. It also has over 22 specialty stores, including fresh food, fashion and services.


If you’ve always dreamed of opening your own business, doing so with Muffin Break will give you the support of a national franchisor with over 6 years’ experience in food retailing. Operating in a central location like Northam Boulevard – close to the area’s only major supermarket – eans you will be able to leverage shopping traffic. All Muffin Break franchisees receive award-winning training, covering all the important ases of hospitality, as well as ongoing business advice. In addition, Muffin Break are accredited with the “Big Four” Australian banks – estpac, NAB, Commonwealth and ANZ – which will make the path to bank financing easier.



Your Muffin Break Development Manager.
  • Foodco years: 17 years : 2000. 11 years as a franchisee and 16 years as a Development Manager.
  • At Foodco: Having been with Foodco since 1996 as a franchisee and employee, I have not regretted one day.
  • Before Foodco: Mcdonald’s for 10 years, Marketing Manager for 4 years- Chicken Treat and completed Bachelor of Economics at UWA plus Graduate diploma of Business in Marketing.
  • What you love about the brands? Foodco has 2 concepts that evolve with the times- design, food offers and operational efficiency.
  • Something we don’t know about you: My actual name on birth certificate is Vittorio Mario- back in primary school days – Aussies were not able to pronounce my name so I was called Victor/Vic.
  • Resides: Beautiful Perth, WA.

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