Five Café Trends To Look Out For in 2016

With each new year comes masses of new trends, particularly those concerning food and drink. Last year saw the rise of hybrid creations, where thousands indulged themselves in the likes of the Duffin. But what are the trends to look out for in cafés this year? Whether you are a café owner or eager to keep up with the times, here are our top five café trends for 2016.

Clean eating. Unsurprisingly as we begin a new year the majority of us have vowed to look after our waistline (again). You can therefore expect to see a variety of alternative, healthier options when scanning through café menus. With bakers as accomplished as the ones we have today, making the switch to a healthier diet does not have to mean munching on a carrot stick whilst your friends are gorging on a double chocolate chip muffin. The skilled bakers at Muffin Break® have come up with countless alternatives that satisfy your sweet tooth without the guilt. Some of these mouth-watering creations include:

  • Lower Carb Muffins. Packed with nutritional ingredients including nuts, seeds and fruit these tasty muffins are low in carbs, sugar and kilojoules, as well as have a low GI value.
  • Low Fat Muffins. Featuring all of the Muffin Break favourites these low fat muffins are 98% fat free and contain 25% fewer kilojoules than regular Muffin Break muffins.
  • Weight Watchers Endorsed Muffins. Recently ranked as the best weight loss diet for the fifth consecutive year, Weight Watchers are to remain as a popular diet plan for 2016. Valued at only 5-6 ProPoints each Muffin Break’s Weight Watchers endorsed muffin range are the ideal treat for those in need of something sweet.*
  • Dairy Free alternatives. A study conducted by the Department of Health & Human Services in Victoria last year concluded that around 5% of Caucasians and up to 75% of non-Caucasians living in Australia are lactose intolerant. The demand for dairy free alternatives is therefore high and it is important to provide these alternatives in both food and beverages to ensure you cater to all of your customer’s needs. Muffin Break supply dairy free alternatives with a variety of different milks and, of course, the Dairy Free muffin range.

Savoury muffins. The perfect alternative to a sandwich whilst on the go. Savoury muffins have been around for some time, however bakers are set to become more inventive in their creations. The latest creation in the Muffin Break lab comprises of the OzEmite and Cheese muffin. A must for January!

Sweet & savoury combinations. Following on from the hybrid trend of 2015, desserts consisting of both sweet and savoury flavours are set to soar in 2016. If this is something you would like to try, why not order the spiced ricotta, raspberry and hazelnut muffin from Muffin Break’s premium delight muffin range.

High quality coffee. Our palettes have developed to require a higher quality blend, which has led to an increase in quality of coffee served in cafés throughout Australia. The 2015 report on the café and coffee shop industry published by IBIS World stated, ‘Consumer demand for high-quality, convenient food and beverages is also projected to support strong sales of other café products. As a result, operators are expected to focus on premium ingredients and gourmet café-style meals in an effort to boost sales of higher margin products.’ Showcasing your barista skills has now become more important than ever, and what better way to display these than with a multi-award winning reputation?**

Eating out. A recent study conducted by Bloomberg has released data displaying that for the first time ever Americans spend more money on eating out than they do on groceries. As worldwide trend setters, this movement is likely to catch on, with expenditure on recreation and culture within Australia climbing from around $70 billion in 2007 to a projected $107 billion in 2021.*

As a Muffin Break franchisee you can feel confident that you are kept up to date on the latest industry trends receiving full accredited training in product development and invitations to regular conferences where you will discover the latest in market movements and upcoming industry trends. Find out more on how you can become a Muffin Break franchise owner here.


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