Five Café Trends To Watch in 2017

The vast food and beverage market can often find space for seemingly paradoxical trends – for example, 2016 saw Australians drinking decadent milkshakes in the afternoon and eating bunches of kale for dinner. However, every year brings a shift in the tide, particularly when it comes to café trends.

So what can we expect from cafés in 2017?

The low carbohydrate food craze is set to continue in 2017. According to Diet Doctor, “many high-quality scientific studies show that a low-carb diet makes it easier both to lose weight and control your blood sugar.”

Muffin Break’s expert bakers have crafted low carb muffins with great ingredients, nutrients and a great taste. The ingredients have all been selected due to their low level of carbohydrates and low sugar content.

Australians love coffee. We buy an estimated 2.1 billion cups of coffee from cafés and vendors every year and can be very picky about what brew we buy. Muffin Break has been acknowledged with several industry gongs for their coffee, outclassing their competitors in a blind taste-test and awarded Overall Champion in the Coffee Franchise category at the Golden Bean Awards.

It’s not just about the bean. Muffin Break baristas are fully trained so they know how to turn the perfect espresso. All Muffin Break staff go through nationally-accredited training programs to ensure they’re equipped with the skills to serve premium coffee to choosy customers.

The kale trend has been with us for a while but according to Forbes magazine, it’s on the way out and super salad bowls featuring zesty ingredients are on the way in. The Australian climate is made for eating delicious, light salads.

Muffin Break isn’t just about muffins – they also have a range of salads, from roast pumpkin to rocket, pear, parmesan and walnut.

With so much competition in the café market, standing out from the crowd requires creativity and a lust for invention. Themed food that taps into special holidays or seasons is a great way to appeal to customers. Muffin Break’s team of expert bakers is continually experimenting with new recipes. The Muffin Lab’s Master Muffin Bakers devise a monthly muffin that is guaranteed to make mouths water – for example, this decadent Black Forest Velvet Muffin to celebrate February, the month of love.

We’re living through a time of intense change, politically and technologically. Sometimes a taste of something old-fashioned and nostalgic can make us feel centred. Nostalgic-centric campaigns also resonate well with Millennials, who have reached adulthood in an era of impersonal data and digital media.

Muffin Break have zeroed in on this trend with old-fashioned lemonades, made from scratch and available in passionfruit, mandarin or raspberry for a refreshing blast from the past.

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Diet Doctor

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