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There’s something happening in Hobart. There’s a buzz on the ground and an attitude in the air. From the thriving weekend markets in Salamanca Place to the hallowed underground halls of award-winning gallery the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA), Hobart feels like the place to be in 2017. Mainland Australians have caught Tasmanian fever and are moving down to the emerald green isle in droves.

Hobart has good roads, very little traffic congestion and is one of Australia’s safest cities to live. It’s also affordable, allowing for a good standard of living. It consistently ranks in the top 3 most liveable cities in Australia (Tasmanian Times).

Tasmania is visually spectacular. Stunning national parks in the surrounding region are another great reason to move – World Heritage sites take up over a third of the land. It’s also by far the cheapest state or territory to buy a house – the median house price is $352,000 (versus over a million dollars in Sydney). It’s also a great place to open a small business. A senior analyst from Bankwest put it this way:

“The cost of doing business is less, [Tasmania has] lower house prices and wages are slightly lower. It’s a more conducive environment for small business to operate in.”

However, starting a business on your own can be daunting. One way to smooth the path to success is by becoming part of an established national franchise like Muffin Break, which has a widely recognised name in quality coffee and baked goods. It gives you the perks of being your own boss combined with the backing and support of an entrenched brand in the café market.

You’ll also receive the training you need to successfully operate a business – Muffin Break has relevant and practical courses to equip you and your staff with all the essential skills needed to run a café bakery. It’s backed up by ongoing business advice and support after you’ve launched.

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