Muffin Break Rated As High Performers By IFB

Franchise cafes Muffin Break and Jamaica Blue are the most recent to list as high-performing brands through the Australian Franchise Rating Scale.

Ratings are given after an independent and fact-based examination across seven  categories created to gauge both transparency and performance.

In accomplishing this stable (4 star) rating, both brands have exhibited a high level of transparency and franchise performance.

Serge Infanti Managing Director at Foodco, who operates both cafe favourites. When receiving the top rank of Australian franchise brands “It is important for me to ensure that we benchmark our business against best practice, and work to ensure our partners have the best opportunity for success” Serge mentions. 

“FRANdata carried out a credible review of our franchise system and I’m delighted with the outcome. That’s said we still have opportunities to be better and are committed to doing so.” 

Independent ratings

CEO of FRANdata Darryn McAuliffe, discussed that Foodco is one of the first considerable franchise hospitality brands to grasp the importance of having external independent assessment of its systems and processes.

“The review team was especially impressed with the firm financial impact a number of Foodco initiatives were providing to franchisees,” he said.

“Franchisees of both Jamaica Blue and Muffin Break also appreciate a superior level of support.”

Foodco Managing Director Serge Infanti thanks the people involved “this recognition results from lots of hard work by so many over 30 years. Thanks to our staff, suppliers and of course our hardworking committed franchisees in whom all have helped us build brands we can be proud of”. 

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