Do I Need Qualifications To Own A Café Business?

As an industry that is forecast to continue to grow in popularity, with some even dubbing bakeries as “recession proof,” owning a Muffin Break® bakery café is a wise move for any entrepreneur.

But what about all of the industry knowledge, skills and qualifications that are required to run a successful bakery café?

You can join the Muffin Break bakery café franchise with any skill level. All that is required is a passion for the industry and a commitment to the Muffin Break brand. From there the skilled Head Office and Operations teams at Muffin Break will teach you everything you need to know, ranging from how to manage your team to creating the perfect muffin!

To run a bakery café certain qualifications are required. Muffin Break provide nationally recognised training courses to both new and existing franchisees and their staff to ensure these requirements are met. Qualifications that can be gained through your Muffin Break partnership include:

  • Food Safety Supervisor Qualification
  • Accredited Barista Program
  • Certificate III in Hospitality (includes: Food Safety Supervisor Qualification and Accredited Barista Program).

Read more about Muffin Break’s accredited training programs here.

Many enter their new role with a vague idea of what is required. That is, a good knowledge of the industry, but not the mechanics behind running a business. At Muffin Break we are clued up on all the skills and knowledge required to successfully run a café business and endeavor to share our plans, tips and tricks with all of our franchisees. The array of skills and knowledge you will learn through your partnership with Muffin Break will cover areas including:

  • Staff management, hiring and training
  • Product development
  • Marketing
  • Adhering to legal requirements (health & safety)
  • Barista/baker skills
  • IT/technical functions
  • Building a relationship with the centre management
  • Customer service

Support across all of these areas, and many more, is provided allowing our Muffin Break bakery café owners to thrive in their business venture, many of whom had no previous industry or business experience.

For more information on our available Muffin Break sites take a look at the Muffin Break franchise website here or give us a call on 1300 194 547 to discuss which opportunities we have for you!

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