From Banker To Baker: A Fresh Start For A Franchisee

All of the Muffin Break franchise owners come from different backgrounds, and for many of them, embarking on this journey provides the opportunity for a complete career change. Each brings their own unique experience to the table to make it work for them, with the desirable advantage of being your own boss. Edward owns the Muffin Break in Glen Waverley, and he brings with him a wealth of life experience!

Coming from a banking background, you could argue that owning a bakery is a huge change of pace. However, after 16 years in the banking field, Edward decided that he just didn’t want to do another ten more. He had always dreamed of owning his own business, and, in his mid-forties, decided it was finally time to take the plunge. After doing his homework and talking to his friends, he decided that Muffin Break was the franchise brand for him. Why? Muffin Break is an established brand in the retail food market, and we know what we’re doing. It’s a well-known brand, with lots of national marketing campaigns, and people love both our coffee and food!

Despite not having any experience in baking or in food service, Edward had always loved cooking for family and friends, counting it among his hobbies. He put a business plan into place, executing it step by step. After signing his legal documents, we got right to work in training him up. Like all new franchise owners, he spent three weeks completing his initial induction training in Muffin Break’s Training Academy in Sydney, and then another three training in an operating Muffin Break cafe. This familiarised him with the Muffin Break business model and built up his confidence to be a franchisee. He says it’s a great induction system (and we may be biased, but we agree)!

Edward wants to make it clear – daily operation of the shop was a real challenge at first. He had to work to change his mentality from that of a banker to that of a baker and shop owner. He found the job more physically demanding, too. But, thanks to the help and support of his loved ones, his staff and the guidance of Muffin Break consultants, things keep getting better and better.

Owning a franchise can be a complex journey, but Edward says that he gets plenty of support from his consultants, and from the training and marketing teams. Whenever he has a question, he’s able to reach the Muffin Break team easily and they quickly find a solution for him.

Of course, Edward has plenty of experience elsewhere, which he says is really helpful in helping him along the way. His leadership skills from the banking world have helped him to be the boss of his store, and his management and people skills allow him to work well with his staff. As a banker, he notes that you must pay attention to details. This is true when you’re a shop owner as well! Every day you face so many little things, and you have to be able to multi-task. You are the customer service manager, finance manager, HR manager, supply chain manager and sales manager, all in one! Edward’s banking background has given him the ability to handle these challenges. The working day is different, but the skills are transferrable, and essentially the same.

Does Edward have any advice for those who may be considering a career change, or a change of scenery? Yes. You must commit and be ready to work hard and work smart. He says, “I’m still learning, but I’m happy about what I have achieved so far!”

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