From Bean To Coffee Machine

With each Australian already consuming 2.4kg of coffee per year, analysts suggest the coffee industry in Australia is still in its early stages and forecast it will continue to soar. With the predicted growth continuing to increase, this is the perfect opportunity to join the market and grab a healthy chunk of the profits. It’s estimated that on an average working day in Sydney a substantial 1.23 million cups of coffee are sold. That’s one coffee for a quarter of Sydney’s population every day!

What’s more, reports state that serving a bad coffee is likely to leave more than a bitter taste with the consumer, as 50% of Australians claim that being served a bad coffee leaves them feeling angry with a vast majority (47%) announcing they would not return to the place of purchase. The significance of coffee to Australians is evident and requires a skilled barista paired with carefully selected coffee beans to stand out in this selective industry.

So, what are the secrets to serving an award-winning coffee? With accolades including the winner of the 2015 DaVinci Gourmet Coffee Chain Championship and numerous Golden Bean Awards, Muffin Break® is renowned for serving a satisfying cup of coffee.

“To ensure a great cup of coffee you have to consider the multiple stages that go into the process, starting with the coffee beans,” says Muffin Break Master Roaster, Jeremy Regan.

Considering this, Muffin Break’s beans are sourced from five regions, which are then sent to the most advanced roasting facility in the Southern Hemisphere to create Muffin Break’s Signature Blend. The care and precision taken to first source and then roast the beans does not stop there, once roasted to perfection the beans are delivered directly to each Muffin Break bakery café ensuring that they remain fresh and of the highest quality.

Now the ingredients for an award-winning coffee are in store our expertly trained baristas can deliver the perfect cup. With accredited training behind them to ensure precise coffee making, all Muffin Break baristas deliver the premium coffee experience that keeps customers coming back!


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