Leading The Pack With Sustainability

These days, many of us have strong values and this extends to the work that we do. If you’re considering becoming a franchisee at Muffin Break, you’ll be pleased to know that the brand recently won the Best Sustainability Initiative Award at the QSR Media Sandhurst Fine Foods Conference & Awards 2019 held in June.

How Did Muffin Break Win A Sustainability Award?

We were recognised for our partnership with Simply Cups, an innovator in the game against landfill waste. They offer our country’s first coffee cup recycling scheme, and we knew we wanted to be involved as soon as they came to Australia. The project of pairing with Simply Cups meant that we could solve one of society’s biggest issues – promoting recycling. This offered us a solution to divert 11 million coffee cups from landfill. For every takeaway coffee or hot drink sold by Muffin Break, we ensure we’re diverting cups away from landfill by using Simply Cups.

The Sustainability Challenge

Some things are more difficult to recycle than others, including takeaway coffee cups. This is because of the mixed materials used to make them – there’s a combination of paper and a plastic lining used. Luckily, Simply Cups are working with innovators to provide a solution. By collecting disposable coffee cups from us, they can then give cups a new lease of life in the form of recyclable products.

Muffin Break has now introduced the rCUP, a new product made from six of the old cups. This will mean that going forward, customers won’t need to use takeaway cups. They’re recyclable!

Muffin Break’s Sustainability Achievements

As of May 13th, 2019, Simply Cups have managed to save an amazing 4.56 million from Australia’s landfill, and this figure rises by the day.

We are continuing to work closely with Simply Cups as their shopping centre partner and pushing the boundaries when it comes to progressive alternatives to waste management, especially in the centres where our stores are located.

Muffin Break’s Commitment To A Sustainable Future

Just one brand can influence big change. Our initiative will help improve the management of waste so that Simply Cups can collect a clean stream of takeaway cups from all coffee retailers in shopping centres, meaning that there will be an even bigger positive environmental impact.

Our efforts don’t stop there. We’ve been discussing opportunities to improve our impact on the environment in other ways. Simply Cups, on the other hand, are creating products to create compost out of food waste and coffee grounds, which they can collect from shopping centres and then find new ways to give it new life.

Muffin Break has taken this opportunity to present to the shopping centre partners to discuss the upgrade of their current waste systems, with Simply Cups’ solutions.

We’re so proud to have our hard work recognised for the way we are attempting to combat climate change and our environmental impact, and we’ll carry on leading the way to encourage other businesses to join us as a collective.

Customers are even offered a 30c reward when they bring in any reusable cup for their hot drinks, as a thank you.

Want to run a business that’s leading the pack when it comes to sustainability? Take a look at our available franchise locations.

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