Muffin Break Master Roaster Judges World Barista Championships!

Muffin Break’s Master Roaster Jeremy Regan doesn’t just drink coffee – he lives and breathes it! His knowledge and passion recently led to him becoming a judge at the World Barista Championships in Amsterdam.

The World Barista Championships were held from 20 – 23rd June, with fifty-six barista champions from around the world competing over four days. The fierce showdown took place at the same time as the SCA World of Coffee show, ensuring that there were plenty of keen coffee enthusiasts on hand to cheer them on!


Every competitor was a master of the coffee craft, bringing finely-tuned technique and expertise to the stage. In the preliminary round, the competitors prepared four espressos, four milk drinks and four original signature drinks – all within fifteen minutes.

The top sixteen chosen by the judges progressed, with the top six giving their performance one more time in the finals. The winner for the 2018 competition: Agnieszka Rojewska, a Master Barista from Poland!

Jeremy’s journey to Master Roaster and expert judge began back in the 90s, when he opened his own café. Realising that making superlative coffee is by no means a snap, he began to learn as much as he could about beans, espresso machines, grinders and how to train baristas to make the perfect cup.

That quest for knowledge led him to Muffin Break and has taken him around the globe, from cafés to coffee farms to espresso machine factories and roasting facilities!

Jeremy makes sure the unique Muffin Break blend is expertly brewed to give customers a superb coffee, every time. The coffee beans are selected from five different growing regions around the world and then roasted and blended in a special facility to form one harmonious blend.

The most popular coffee selection at Muffin Break is a Cappuccino, so the house coffee blend is a little sweeter than others, balancing out acidic elements so that it complements the milk to form a silky texture.

Says Jeremy: “Muffin Break coffee is one of the best franchise coffee offers in the world. This comes from our strong focus on high standards, making sure we have the best beans to maintain our award-winning blend.”

This focus on excellence extends to all Muffin Break baristas, who are trained thoroughly to ensure they have a strong skill set. It’s a recipe for success that has seen the network expand to 212 cafés throughout Australia.

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