Muffin Break Reinvents A Classic Creation With Darrell Lea

Muffin Break have partnered with Australian confectioner, Darrell Lea, to invent the “Lamington Rough”. It’s a brand-new, scrumptious classic just in time for Australia Day.

Let’s Celebrate Australian Innovation!

Muffin Break have given an old recipe a truly delicious twist. Customers will now be able to enjoy Muffin Break’s Lamington Muffin, with a luscious Darrell Lea Coconut Rough at its centre. The traditionally small, square cake has been transformed into a muffin still made of a sponge, coated in an outer layer of chocolate sauce and rolled in desiccated coconut.

This muffin version uses exceptionally high-quality ingredients. With the addition of a Darrell Lea Coconut Rough, Muffin Break claims that they may now have new Aussie classic in their hands!

The Duffin Is Back!

For customers who have fallen in love with Muffin Break’s Duffin, there is also a new creation to satisfy their cravings. Not only is this classic flavour combination available as a muffin, but Muffin Break have introduced a limited-edition Lamington Hero Duffin as well! Enjoy the perfect mix of donut, muffin and lamington, encapsulating the satisfying crunch of a Darrell Lea Coconut Rough.

Partnering with an Australian Favourite

Established in 1927, Darrell Lea grew from humble beginnings to become a much-loved Australian confectionery brand. The Lea family started selling sweets from a cart under the first arch of Sydney Harbour Bridge in the early 20th century. From there, the company grew to become one of the most famous purveyors of chocolate in the land.

Named after the family’s youngest son, the confectionery company is our very own Willy Wonka, with its magical concoctions delighting generations of fans.

“The collaboration of two iconic Australian brands, Darrell Lea & Muffin Break is truly exciting for our franchise partners. Darrell Lea has been creating the finest chocolates for generations of Australians. For over 90 years, their reputation for quality and innovative tasty products remains high amongst Australian families. When coupled with the Muffin Break Muffin we see new customers visiting Muffin Break to try their beloved Darrell Lea chocolate. Our first joint offering will be the new Lamington Duffin with a Darrell Lea Coconut rough as its centre.” Natalie Brennan, General Manager of Muffin Break.

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