Muffin Break Takes Out Double Win at QSR Awards 2021

Muffin Break, Australia’s most well known and loved café/bakery franchise was announced as the winner of both the Best Innovation – Health & Best COVID Initiative at the QSR Media Sandhurst Awards 2021 on 18th October 2021. 

This is an exceptional result for the brand, being recognised for both their innovative new product, the Lower Carb, Gluten Free Muffin Mix and also their quick response to the COVID pandemic, in introducing take home children’s workshops for Cookie Decorating, Muffin Decorating & Little Growers workshops. 

Best Innovation – Health for the Lower Carb, Gluten Free Muffin Mix 

This highly versatile Lower Carb, Gluten Free Muffin Mix range is an important step for further developments in the wellness, dietary and snack category and is a marvel of modern manufacturing – a perfect partnership fulfilling a need in the Australian market, meeting needs of diabetics, coeliacs & low carb/sugar all over the country. The brand believes, as an Australian franchisor, we have a commitment to our customers’ health to ensure we provide a “better for you” option. 

At Muffin Break, the team wanted to provide this choice by offering customers and their families a healthier product, whilst also catering to those with health or lifestyle requirements, allowing them to enjoy a treat without the consequences. 

Best COVID Initiative for their Take Home Children’s Kits, Menulog and Shopify 

Additionally, throughout the COVID19 period, Muffin Break worked to support the franchise network on an individual level to stay open for their community. As part of a multi-pronged approach, as stores were no longer able to facilitate children’s workshops, the brand transitioned their cornerstone children’s workshops to take-home kits for Cookie Decorating, Muffin Decorating & Little Growers workshops. 

Since August 2020, across Australia, the brand has sold thousands of take-home kits allowing children across the country to learn about sustainability through the Little Growers Workshops or all about getting creative in the kitchen with the Cookie & Muffin Decorating kits. 

Concurrently, the brand adapted their offering avenues to ensure customers could still purchase their favourite Muffin Break products from the safety of their own home. 

Firstly, through the Muffin Break online store through Shopify, which included Bake at Home Muffin Mix and newly developed children’s workshop kits for delivery, which subsequently allowed for promotion of the retail items available in stores. 

Additionally, the brand partnered with Menulog to allow customers to order freshly baked muffins & barista made coffee delivered straight to their door. Since launch, the platform has seen a significant number of Muffin Break orders with the brand continuing to go from strength to strength. 

The brand is proud to be recognised for these achievements and will continue to build on both through innovation and creativity in the future. 

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