Muffin Break Wins Award For Social Responsibility

Muffin Break are announced by The Franchise Council of Australia the winners of the Franchisor Social Responsibility award for 2019. A fabulous achievement for the brand to be recognised as leaders in their industry for their great sustainability initiatives they have implemented. Muffin Break are incredibly proud of this achievement, acknowledging their customers support who have championed this by collectively encouraging this change towards sustainability. 

Natalie Brennan, General Manager of Muffin Break weighs in “Muffin Break’s journey towards better sustainable practices has been 5 years in the oven. We sought out the technology to upcycle takeaway cups. There wasn’t a solution all those years ago. But since our commitment with Simply Cups, we’re excited to see that we’ve influenced change with shopping centre partners to re-evaluate their waste management systems.”

Over 12 months ago now we partnered with Simply Cups to collect and upcycle takeaway coffee cups, along with some of our other sustainable implementations that include: 


Our overarching goal at Muffin Break is to decrease our footprint in the environment and lead by example in the retail space by suggesting to similar businesses in the space space to introduce more sustainable practices by offering our personal experience as an example. 

The partnership with Simply Cups has helped understand more about how waste management needs to be addressed and collected in order to be diverted from landfill. One retailer alone is not able to achieve this with the limitations of the shopping centres. It requires a collective solution with all retailers on board for change to be implemented on a grander scale.

The future is definitely leading to a more sustainable lifestyle.  Evidently there is a movement in this space with retailers and shopping centres listening to customers and professionals opinions of leading a more sustainable life in order to protect the environment. 

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