Supplying Our Franchisees With the Perfect Ingredients

Since our first store opened over 30 years ago, Muffin Break has become one of Australia’s most iconic franchises. We now have a network of over 200 bakery cafe franchises around Australia.

Muffin Break stores have continued to trade throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, providing freshly baked goods and award-winning coffee to essential workers and communities. We’ve supported our franchisees with open communication, operational support and outreach initiatives. 

Strong Supplier Relationships Are Essential

Our strong relationships with leading Australian manufacturers and suppliers have also helped ensure that all our franchisees are able to deliver consistent quality.

Our experienced suppliers always deliver the goods, with preferential pricing for the Muffin Break franchise and research and development on customer trends.

High-Quality Ingredients Underpin Our Reputation

Sandhurst Fine Foods have been providing our franchisees with high-quality ingredients for over ten years. ‘Everything at Muffin Break is baked fresh every day,” says Muffin Break’s General Manager Natalie Brennan. “Joining a franchise means we’ll help you deliver consistent excellence.”

“We have easy recipes for people to follow, and we also have really amazing training and support for our franchisees. Plus our suppliers deliver the very best possible ingredients.”

While some manufacturers only provide large, unwieldy bulk packs for commercial use, Sandhurst Fine Foods delivers smaller batches of ingredients for our franchise kitchens. This means they can be stored easily, in unbreakable jars or vacuum-packed for easy use. 

Watch this video with Sandhurst’s Head Chef Fiorella and Muffin Break’s Natalie Brennan to hear more about the partnership. 

The Best Suppliers Make Award-Winning Coffee

All Muffin Break baristas receive extensive training and use the best ingredients to ensure our coffee maintains its quality across the network. 

Our range of premium dairy and plant-based milks come from top provider Lion, while our coffee beans are from renowned Melbourne roasters Jahnus. Lion and Jahnus have recently supported the franchise further with a free coffee to all Muffin Break loyalty members. 

We’re continually innovating with partners to bring customers the very best. Iconic Australian confectionery brand Darrell Lea has also joined forces with us over the last few years to devise delicious new muffins. 

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