The Role Of Technology In Our Training For Franchisees

One of the most attractive aspects of becoming a franchise owner is that you benefit from established training programs and resources. Our franchise owners receive comprehensive initial and ongoing training – and we have recently integrated Virtual Reality technology to enhance the training experience.

We invited a group of new franchise owners undergoing their initial training program to have a go at a Virtual Reality tour of our coffee roasting facility, Jahnus. Based in Melbourne (widely renowned as one of the world’s best cities for coffee), Jahnus is an award-winning specialty coffee enterprise. There, the products are expertly created by Jeremy Regan, Secretary of the Australian Specialty Coffee Association. He’s also one of Australia’s only Certified World Barista Judges, meaning that there’s a real difference in the coffee that he makes – and therefore, the coffee that our franchise owners are then able to sell.

So, why a Virtual Reality tour? The use of modern technology allows our training to be more efficient (and exciting). Our initial franchisee training is undertaken at Foodco Training Academy, located in Sydney. The program is intensive, and the use of VR as part of the package reduces the time and cost required to visit the roasting facility itself. A Virtual Reality tour is still able to offer participants the same insight into the energy and effort required to ensure the best quality in production. It also ensures that the franchise owners understand the elements involved in the process, from the ethical sourcing of the beans from the best regions, to the final stages where the coffee is then ready for their role of serving the coffee in a cup!

We want to be known as market leaders, and so we pride ourselves on ongoing innovation. Our training methods are not only fun, but a reminder of what you can access with the support of an established franchise brand behind you, every step of the way. Our training ensures that our franchise owners have a holistic understanding of the business, which then gears them up to take on their individual challenges.

Our existing franchise owners get the chance to see for themselves that they’re part of something big! If you would like similar experiences, we have some fantastic opportunities with various Muffin Break locations for sale around the country. Start your journey today!

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