What Is The Ideal Age To Start A Café Business?

From our experience there is no ‘right’ age to start your own business. Successful Muffin Break® franchisees come in a range of ages, with one major similarity – their passion for the industry. As a Muffin Break franchisee you are not required to have heaps of industry experience, we help you with all of that meaning investing in a Muffin Break bakery café is an accessible business move for anybody.

One of the major perks of joining a well established business, like Muffin Break, is that you are not required to have years of in-built knowledge, skills and innovative ideas to get you and your business recognised, which as we all know can take years of working in the industry. The Muffin Break franchise is already a nationally recognised café brand, with an expert behind the scenes Head Office team who are there to assist with marketing, innovation, product development, operations… the list goes on!

The extensive support system in place at Muffin Break allows for young or first time business owners to join the franchise system confidently. Accredited training is provided in all areas required to run a successful bakery café from barista skills to how to effectively manage your staff and expenses. Therefore, as long as you have a passion for the Muffin Break brand and a desire to get stuck in, the team at Muffin Break can help you with the rest.

According to Forbes, the most successful business owners have either taken the opportunity as soon as it arose or simply waited until they were ready. At Muffin Break we believe a good mixture of the two is what makes for a great strategy. New Muffin Break bakery café opportunities are constantly arising, all of which you can find listed here so be sure to keep yourself updated with sites that might appeal to you. Once you have made initial contact the development managers can also get a taste for what you are after and notify you when a site comes up that you are likely to be interested in. If you would like to enquire about potential Muffin Break opportunities click here or call 1800 622 338 to discuss what you are looking for.

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