Why Australia Is A Sweet Spot For Small Business

Australia has now survived almost twenty-five years without suffering a recession. Technically speaking, that means one hundred quarters without encountering two consecutive quarters of negative growth.

In fact, according to data released in September by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, year-on-year economic growth in 2016 has accelerated to 3.3%, the fastest seen in four years. The small business sector in particular has experienced growth. Victoria has been leading the way given its population boom, however other states are not far behind.

When one considers the continuing global economic instability – particularly in the rapidly shifting landscape of post-Brexit Europe – Australians with aspirations of starting their own small business are better positioned than many.

If you’ve always dreamed of starting your own business, now is a great time to do it.

Whilst launching your own business enterprise may feel like a nerve-jangling proposition, there are also support mechanisms available to give you structure and advice when venturing into what may feel like alien territory.

One route into the business world is to become part of an already established national franchise that has a recognisable brand. Muffin Break® has been operating in Australia since 1989 as part of the Foodco Group. There are now over 300 stores globally, with 206 of those located throughout Australia. The franchise group expects another 30 franchises to open within the next 12 months alone.

As such, buying into the Muffin Break franchise network comes with a readymade, tried and tested approach which gives you independence in your daily operations and the freedom to make important decisions allied with the back-up of expert staff training and guidance. As incredibly experienced franchisors operating in Australia for 26 years (so yes, Muffin Break launched successfully before the current wave of economic growth), the Muffin Break team have weathered fluctuations in the market and are able to draw on a wealth of knowledge to help their franchisees work through a variety of situations.

Muffin Break also has accreditation with all of the “Big Four” banks in Australia. This means that the bank financing process – always a challenge for Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) – is considerably less of a headache than if you were striking out alone into an uncertain sea of banks and brokers, which is intimidating to say the least.

If you’d like to know more about opening a Muffin Break franchise, register now for one of the upcoming Information Events, which will give you the opportunity to peek behind the scenes, sample the wares and meet the people behind Muffin Break’s success story.

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