Five Hot Café Trends to Watch in 2017

Trends in the food industry can seem fickle and inexplicable. From milkshakes topped with donuts to cronuts stuffed with oreos, thankfully some of the more excessive indulgences of 2016 seem to be falling by the wayside!

So what’s hot on the agenda for cafés in 2017? Let’s take at a look at some of the key café trends that will have staying power.

High-Grade Coffee
New Zealanders have an unquenchable thirst for coffee. Statistics show that New Zealand’s per capita consumption ranks among the top 20 in the world, ahead of the US.

Locals are connoisseurs of the beverage, claiming to be the inventors of the Flat White which has spread throughout the coffee-drinking world, although there is (of course) some debate with Australia over who officially pioneered the milky drink.

One thing is for sure – quality is non-negotiable. Muffin Break serves an award-winning signature blend, lovingly made by expert baristas such as Champion Barista Shane Pierce, who owns a franchise in Wellington and has competed in multiple contests.

Low Carb Snacks and Meals
A low carbohydrate diet is often advocated as a healthy lifestyle choice. According to Diet Doctor, “many high-quality scientific studies show that a low-carb diet makes it easier both to lose weight and control your blood sugar.” That’s why Muffin Break in New Zealand offers a range of low carb muffins which have been crafted with good ingredients, nutrients and a delicious taste. All the ingredients have been selected due to their low level of carbohydrates and low sugar content.

Muffin Break isn’t just about muffins – they also have a range of lunch items, including quiches, pies, wraps and salads.

Seasonal and Themed Food
The café market in New Zealand is competitive so standing out from the crowd requires continual innovation.

Themed food that taps into special holidays or seasons is a great way to appeal to customers, which is why Muffin Break’s team of expert bakers experiment regularly with new recipes.

The Muffin Lab’s Master Muffin Bakers devise a monthly muffin that is guaranteed to make mouths water.

Personal Service
In a time of intense global change and lifestyle shifts, personal service still counts highly. According to Forbes, companies lose more than $62 billion in the US due to poor customer service. Customer Experience (CX) is more important than ever.

Muffin Break understands the fundamental link between good customer service and running a successful café, which is why all franchisees undertake extensive, award-winning training and have access to ongoing support and mentoring from a franchise group with over 23 years’ experience in running a successful café business.

Dreaming of owning your own café? Contact us today to find out more about joining the Muffin Break franchise and tapping into the trends that New Zealanders love.


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