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Franchising is on the rise in Australia. A recent survey revealed that annual revenue from franchising is estimated at $146 billion; currently accounting for 4% of small business in Australia and growing in popularity. In the words of Bruce Bilson, Executive Chairman of the Franchise Council of Australia, “franchising is a robust, vibrant and exciting part of the economy.”

For would-be entrepreneurs in the cafe business, franchising offers an attractive level of support in what is a competitive industry. An established cafe franchise like Muffin Break offers award-winning and nationally accredited training to all of its franchisees. Operated by Foodco, one of Australia’s leading franchise groups, it has the impressive infrastructure that one would expect from a business with over 26 years’ in the food retail industry.

Automatic brand recognition is also a major advantage of franchising. In a crowded market, joining a strong brand with a ready-made loyalty program is a hugely attractive proposition. Muffin Break’s loyalty app program and national network of over 209 storesmeans that it is recognised across the nation.

Muffin Break has also been experiencing increased brand visibility recently thanks to its partnership with Australia’s No.1 breakfast show, Sunrise. With the Muffin Break logo and products prominently displayed throughout the program – Kochie and Sam drink from Muffin Break mugs and guests wait in a Muffin Break branded Green Room – the brand is reaching a huge national daily audience.

The strategic partnership also includes regular features, such as a morning of live crosses to the Sunrise weather team and Muffin Break on location in Toowoomba.

The alignment of the two brands makes a lot of business sense in terms of their mutual consumer demographic, and is proving to be a great way of awaking potential customers to the local, fresh ingredients and wholesome processes which go into Muffin Break products. The recent editorial feature on latte art highlighted the quality of the beans and the craftsmanship of Muffin Break baristas.

If you’d like to find out more about what it is like to be partnered with one of Australia’s most visible cafe franchises, get in touch with Muffin Break for more information.

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